Health coaches are uniquely positioned to tackle the chronic disease epidemic. No other healthcare profession combines health education with training in behavior change. 

Chris Kresser

Free Consultation

Health Coaching is a partnership. The better we work as a team, the more fluid the process, the sooner we can get you feeling the way you want to feel.
This call is an opportunity for me to give you a little insight into how I work and for you to ask me any questions you might have. 

  • Each month we will meet four times for 50 mins

  • Email and Text support Monday to Friday

  • Opt-in to one of our weekly yoga classes for free 

Why Health Coaching?

Problems with your health often leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. Which in turn leads to a general sense of sadness and resignation. Not really how you pictured your life, right?


Through health coaching, we can assess your concerns and make sense of them. Together, we can evaluate all your options to pinpoint what your best course of action is. We can develop a step by step plan and as you implement these changes I will be available to help you navigate and overcome obstacles that will arise. 


Illness and accidents are an unavoidable part of life (believe me I wish they were not!), this fact can make you feel like you don’t have control, you don’t have a say. The truth is that you do have much more control than you realize, there are so many ways for you to regain or perhaps experience for the first time, true health. 

Your Monthly Health Coaching Program Includes