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Cancer Resiliency Coaching (CRC) is a supportive partnership centered around you. Our sessions will be spent addressing your main concerns, resolving, repairing and growing your life.

CRC is a journey to find out what is truly most important to you, this may seem like a moot point in the face of cancer but I promise you it’s not. It will become your motivation when you need it the most. Knowing what's most important puts you back in the driver's seat, allowing you to ask the right questions, trust your intuition and make the changes you desire. 

CRC not only supports but empowers you, helping you identify your strengths and play to them.

You will have your own individual reasons for coming to coaching. Perhaps it will be to help you manage the stress of a diagnosis. Perhaps it will be to create an action plan for your treatment and recovery, or to learn how to incorporate changes large or small into your daily life. Perhaps it will be a combination of all these things and more.

Whatever is on your mind it is welcomed without judgment or expectation.

I provide CRC to anyone affected by cancer (patient or caregiver) and those wanting to prevent cancer.

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We begin with an initial consultation. This is a 75-minute session in which we review your health history, current health and personal priorities. 

We then schedule weekly or bi-weekly sessions to systematically work through your priorities.

There is no expectation nor limit on how long we can work together.

Initial consultation 75 Minutes: $155

Follow-up appointments 50 Minutes: $100

If you have questions about working together please feel free to email me to set up an introductory call.

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