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Cancer Resiliency Coaching

An integrated approach to healing, with a focus on developing and maintaining resilience and living fear-free.

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Start with the head and the heart, the body will listen. 

Receive your free guided meditation to start your journey to peace of mind.

This is your life. You deserve to feel clear, confident and in control.         

You have much strength and knowledge within you: it is time to dig deep and tap into your wisdom.

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A diagnosis of cancer is always distressing: the mountain of information. The emotions. The planning, studying, decision making. Often it can feel overwhelming.

How do you stop feeling overwhelmed? By learning how to take control. How do you take control? By creating a clear plan on how best to navigate your next steps. This is difficult, if not impossible, to do alone. Which is where CRC comes in.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes and cover health history, current health and your personal priorities.

We will then meet weekly or bi-weekly to establish your priorities and systematically work to achieve them.

Each session provides you with up-to-date science, ideas on treatment options, tools for managing discomfort and emotional support.

You will learn to build resiliency of both mind and body, replacing distress with confidence and joy.

Not sure what we will discuss? Below are some common topics that arise in sessions.

How to support your health through nutrition and lifestyle science-backed education on restoring and maintaining health.

How to release fear and anxiety stress management is the key to lasting health and joy. There are many different tools to help you manage stress; we will create the toolkit that’s right for you.


Managing your treatment protocol you are likely under the care of more than one doctor, as cancer treatment typically involves a team of medical specialists. I am trained to help you understand the intricacies of your treatment plan and can also assist you in implementing your doctors' plan and recommendations.

Tracking your progress tracking and understanding your lab results, using both conventional

and functional medicine metrics.

Doctors’ appointments for these crucial visits, you want your mind clear and your questions ready. We can spend time preparing for these meetings. If needed, I can join you; it is ideal to have a second set of ears in the room.

Conjunctive treatments/ integrative treatments  Look these up on Google, and you can find yourself in a black hole! We can discuss the efficacy of these types of treatments and whether some of them may benefit you. 

The importance of finding peace  how the workings of the mind and emotions can hinder or accelerate our healing. Often, a diagnosis of cancer can cause us to lose ourselves in anxiety, sadness and fear. Our thinking becomes clouded and our hearts heavy. If you find yourself heavy-hearted and ungrounded, this is where we will start. You will be amazed by what you are capable of when the clouds lift

Natural Forces within us are the true healers of disease. 

                          - Hippocrates


I work with individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer to navigate their way to healing. Together, we address the physical and mental-emotional suffering that typically accompanies a cancer diagnosis. My goal is for you to feel like yourself again and focus on living!

From My Clients

For several months, over a tumultuous period of change in my life, Suni Apter has supported me with coaching.  Her coaching has helped me successfully navigate a stressful period, empowering me to identify ways to reduce stress and actually lean into uncertainty.  Sessions have always felt comfortable, focused on my goals and needs, identifying deeper purpose to ensure motivation on my part for follow-through.

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