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Yoga is an absolute gift, within this simple practice your body becomes strong and flexible. Your mind calmer and clearer. Yoga offers you a space and time to be with yourself and experience yourself in new ways. All you have to do is practice and over the years the benefits just continue to mount in practical and magical ways!

Classes are designed with a focus and theme. Every 4 to 6 weeks we will change our focus. We might spend a month building core strength and then the following month look at creating more range of motion in our hips.

Foundations Of Yoga

In this class, we move through our practice at a pace that allows me to break down the different elements of the postures, and for me to give you options of different variations of the postures. 

Great for folks that are new to yoga or for those that enjoy a slower pace, focusing on the intricacies of each posture, and how they experience it in their bodies

Steady Flow

A continuous vinyasa flow class, meaning we move fast enough that you will feel your pulse increase but not so fast that you can’t continue with your natural cadence of breathing. 

I teach in a way that is respectful to your body, with a strong focus on working with the postures in a way that is reasonable, allowing space for all our differences. This helps us avoid injury and unnecessary stress in the body.

Private Class

If you prefer we can work one to one. Together we can decide on our areas of focus, and the pace of the class to maximize the development of your practice.


If you are completely new to yoga I offer a four class Beginners Series, which can be great to complete before joining the group classes.

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